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Other Documents:

FHWA Class of Action
A class of action is a ruling by the Federal Highway Administration on the level of environmental documentation needed to satisfy NEPA for a project funded in part or in full using Federal Highway Administration funding.

Material Acquisition and Transportation Cost Analysis Memorandum
DOT&PF commissioned the following study to assist the team in evaluating the complex nature of material acquisition and transport of those materials from various locations to the project site.

Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF)

Chugach State Park (CSP) lands are protected by the LWCF Act.  Since a portion of the protected lands are proposed to be converted to a purpose other than public recreation, an environmental document was developed to assess the impacts of removing acreage from LWCF protection and to assess the mitigation to make the park whole again. This LWCF environmental document addresses the project impacts and mitigation as they relate to the park acreage removed.

Background/Supporting Documentation